an Atelier by Alex Cantarelli

The workshop is based on the idea of experimenting the creation of stories through creativity. Participants become both authors and actors of a play. The story, in this case, will solely consist of theatrical dialogue . The “story” built in such a way , will have a different flow from stories, plays or novels written in the usual way.
When conceiving a workshop of playwriting, we usually start from a concept. According to some opinions, the theatrical text is nothing but a dialogical articulation of an idea, a topic that has its own introduction, development and conclusion. Whilst, normally the person who conducts a work of this kind, first proposes a topic and its parameters and then teaches how to develop and articulate a play, in my opinion, building a theatrical dialogue without worrying about adhering to a topic, a setting, or the specific development of a theme, is much more complex. Still, this is not going to be a seminar of improvisation.
Participants will try to explore the possibilities of dialogue and experience the logic of an answer. They will try to avoid the anguish of following fixed rules, through the creation of new ones , more spontaneous and unconstrained, yet still playable and classified. Under the lead of the director, dialogues will gradually build a full theatrical text.
The final text will be read on scene during the last day of the Conference (Saturday September the 9th). For this reason it is highly recommended that participants attend the whole seminar.