Caffè delle Arti – Rome

Welcome to The Caffè delle Arti. You will be dining in a superb location, inside the National Gallery of Modern Art, in a tranquil corner of Villa Borghese.

The National Gallery of Modern Art was opened in 1911 when the Padiglione delle Belle Arti, built by Cesare Bazzani in Valle Giulia for the International Exhibition, was acquired for the new gallery.

The position between the Etruscan Museum and the Borghese Gallery and the presence of foreign academies nearby, makes it a particularly attractive solution, which seems to realise Bazzani’s dream of the “ideal city of art”.

The building was designed to evoke a “temple of art”, with its monumental staircase leading to the pronao of the main building, flanked by two long wings punctuated by pilaster strips. Inside you find vast spaces, statues, paintings and mosaics

The restaurant serves both Mediterranean and International cuisine, with always fresh and local products. The wine menu is superb, with the best National and International labels.

If you can manage to arrive early, you musn’t miss to visit such a unique location.

Social dinner 7th September 2017
Location: Caffè delle Arti – Via A. Gramsci 73
Cost: 66,00 euros (VAT included) per person
Rendezvous at 20:30 directly on site