Rules for “Lego Pixel Art Challenge”

The Kreyon project ( of Sapienza University of Rome, announces a contest for the most creative drawings created with virtual Lego bricks in the online game “Lego Pixel Art”, hosted on the web platform Xtribe (

Drawings will be judged by a panel, who, in its sole and unappealable discretion, will confer two final cash prizes to the best drawings, and eight interim prizes consisting of  “Lego Architecture” boxes. Interim prizes will be awarded once every two weeks to the best drawing created during the previous two weeks.

Participation in the contest is moderated by the following rules.

“Lego Pixel Art Challenge” aims to encourage creativity of “Lego Pixel Art” players, in order to collect data for scientific purposes, to increase the number of drawings created and to monitor players interactions with the game.

Terms of Participation
All players devising drawings on the online game “Lego Pixel Art”, until 2nd October 2016, will be automatically entered in the contest. Playing requires registering on the website and starting a game of “Lego Pixel Art”.

Participation is free.

Selection, Criteria, Communication and Awards
Eight interim prizes of  “Lego Architecture” boxes will be assigned (one every two weeks) to the author of the best drawing created in the previous two weeks, and two final cash prizes of 500 euro each (taxes included) will be awarded after the close of the competition.

Every two weeks a single drawing will be chosen by a panel, in its sole and unappealable discretion, among all drawings created in the previous two weeks. Criteria, used to judge drawings may include: originality, times it was guessed by other players, number of “likes” and “dislikes”, number of shares on social networks, times it was emulated.

Once every two weeks, the panel of judges could propose a theme or several restrictions for the incoming next two weeks (e.g. “during these weeks, only level two drawings will be considered in the challenge”). These restrictions or themes will be announced via publication on the game’s site and on social networks.

At the end of every two weeks period,  the drawings of five nominees for the interim prize will be published on and on social networks. Interim nominees will have to log into the game within three days of their nomination to provide their data to receive a prize in the event they are chosen as an interim prize winner. Three days after the publication of the nomination, the winner of the interim prize will be informed via email, and his/her name will be be published on and on social networks. The author of the interim prize  winning drawing will receive a “Lego Architecture” box, by standard mail to an address provided or collected at Sapienza University of Rome.

In the case where none of the five nominees supplies their data within the three day interval, the prize will be considered unassigned.

Among all drawings created during the contest period, a specially appointed jury will choose, at its sole discretion, sixteen finalist drawings considered to be the most creative ones. The jury will choose two finalist winners among the finalists, who will receive a 500 euro (taxes included) cash prize and an invitation to the award ceremony during the KREYON DAYS 2016 event in Rome in October 2016.

Any material created by players, will become the sole property of Project Kreyon (, and could be used for scientific research purposes and any other purpose related to the project.

Participation in the contest implies complete agreement with the above stated rules.

According to Italian art. 11 D. Lsg. N. 196/03 personal data supplied and collected, including drawings created, will be used for purposes related to this announcement and could be published during events related to the contest. Each participant gives his or her explicit consent, according to art. 23 D. Lsg. N. 196/03, for these purposes by registering to the Xtribe platform.

Competent Court
The law governing this contest is the Italian civil code. Disputes that could arise between parties due to interpretation or application of these rules, will be under the jurisdiction of “Foro di Roma”, excluding all other alternative competent courts.

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