Participation to KREYON OPEN CONFERENCE is free within the limit of available places.

In this area, you can manage your partecipation participation to Kreyon events: KREYON OPEN CONFERENCE that will take place on September 9, 2017 and special event KREYON CITY on September 8, 2017 at Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome.


In order to partecipate in any game or interactive activity during the event, you need to  create a Kreyon account and reserve your own personalized badge.

Register before KREYON OPEN CONFERENCE! Your badge will be available for pick up at the reception of Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Via Milano 15/17) during KREYON OPEN CONFERENCE, after giving the email you subscribed with. The badge will give you access to all games and interactive activities.

(registrations closed)

I already have a Kreyon Account!

If you have already signed in for a previous edition of Kreyon Days, you can use your old Kreyon Account to confirm your presence. You may also use your old badge or pick up a copy at the reception of Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Via Milano 15/17)  during KREYON OPEN CONFERENCE. This registration is also valid for the special event Kreyon City. Minimum age required to partecipate to the KREYON CITY is 12 years.

NB: this registration is not a reservation. Partecipation to KREYON OPEN CONFERENCE is free within the limit of
available places. 
You are free to arrive at any moment during
the event, attend conferences or participate to events and activities according to your personal interests. Nevertheless, queues may occur due to major affluence.

Manage your registration

You can check the status of your registration and access your profile informations by clicking on the button below. If you need to register a friend or a family member you first have to log out and then log in or sign in again with another account.

Manage your registration!
(registrations closed)

Here you’ll find answers to some of the questions we are asked most frequently

How do I register my child?
If you want to reserve a badge for your son, you can follow these three simple steps:
1 – Sign in or log in…
…click on ‘Register’ button to go to registration form. Click on ‘I want to register’ button or . Fill your data and click on ‘Register’ to create your Kreyon Account. You will be able to use it during the event and also on and websites to play our games online. Complete your profile and confirm your badge reservation to avoid lines up during the event.
2 – Logout…
…click on ‘Logout’ button in the upper right corner of registration form in order to log out from your Kreyon Account.
3 – Create a new account…
Once logged out, you will be redirected to a new user registration page. Here you could register another person, or log again your own account, using your credentials, to check the status of your registration.

Repeat these steps for any person you want to register!

How can I be sure to be registered for the event?
On Registration page, click on ‘Manage your subscription’ to verify your registration status.

I don’t have another email account to register another person. How can I register my son?
You can create a new email address quite easily through online services like Google Gmail. If you have any problems creating the new email address, please consult official instructions.